Tennessee AHEAD

Each year, TNAHEAD awards three student scholarships: one to a student at a 4-year institution, one to a student at a 2-year institution, and one to a student attending a Tennessee College of Applied Technology. Candidates for the scholarship must complete an application, which includes writing an essay on “How I learned to focus on my abilities.”  The application must be signed by a disability services provider at the student’s institution, verifying that the student is enrolled in good standing and that he/she meets the scholarship requirement of at least a 2.5 grade point average.  Only students from TN-AHEAD-member institutions will be considered for the scholarship.

 Applications for the scholarship will be reviewed by a committee, and the recipient will be announced at the annual spring conference.

 For more information on the TN-AHEAD scholarship, contact Katrina Dubree, External Affairs Chair, at Katrina.Dubree@nscc.edu